Dandy Little Dreamer (autumnalequinox) wrote in creepy_butsexy,
Dandy Little Dreamer

So Wrong

Okay, following Ashley's post, I've decided to add two guys who are cute but oh so illegal.

Sorry for the crap quality of the pictures but honestly, not a huge tv show here so there arent many pictures.

Introducing The Kids From 'Rock School'

Series 1... 13 Year Old


top posh private school boy (oh yes) plays practically every instrument extremely well and uh wants to be a neurosurgeon... trust me, he's hot.

None of the other 13 year old posh kids did it for me. Now, time for the public school boy!

Series 2... 15 Year Old... that looks 12

Little Chris

I think he's 4'9" or 5'0", something... became lead singer of the band and was awesome, compensates for his tiny size by making a lot of noise. Lively, loud and confident... but did cry a few times in the series because people picked on him because he could have basically replaced anyones position seeing as he was an awesome singer, drummer and guitarist. Well, he did replace the original singer. Anyway, HOT STUFF.

I think thats enough. Yeah
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