H. A. Pilgrim (deloused_drunk) wrote in creepy_butsexy,
H. A. Pilgrim

new list..hurr. yorke, the young ones, a faun and albarn.

I've added a few more people to my already overcrowded list:

* Radiohead's Thom Yorke (oh yes, that voice could get me over the edge anytime.)
* Mr. Tumnus! (anyone who's seen Narnia (the FILM!) must know what I mean.)
* everyone in the '80s British hit comedy show 'The Young Ones' (sue me.)
* Damon Albarn (that hot little number.)

I seem to just be going crazy with pictures nowadays:

Cillian Murphy... u make me HAWT. grrrr.

I just realized how much of a whore I am for British people. I should definitely not go there, I'd get all kinds of STD's.
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