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Jailbait boys.

AJ Trauth. [Even Stevens.]

Oh dear lord. Pretty. ♥

Austin O'Brien. [Last Action Hero, Prehysteria!, Baby-Sitters Club: The Movie, My Girl 2.]

I was SO in love with him when I was little. Seriously. I wanted him so badly. Lusty wrong feelings still creep up on me when I try to watch Last Action Hero! But they're not quite lusty and wrong when I watch Baby-Sitters Club, so I follow it up with that and feel less bad.

Baby 'Lijah. [North, Forever Young, Avalon, The Good Son.]

le swoon! Adorable.

David Gallagher. [Look Who's Talking Now, Angels In The Endzone, 7th Heaven.]

I don't know, man. I just don't know about this kid.

Devon Murray. [Harry Potter movies.]

Irishmen just.. melt me.

Devon Sawa. [Billions of movies during the nineties! Now and Then, Casper, Little Giants, Nerf commercials..]

Emile Hirsch. [Dangerous Lives Of Altar Boys.]

[With Keiran!]

Erik von Detten. [Brink!, Escape To Witch Mountain, Christmas Every Day, So Weird, Odd Man Out..]

I STILL pine for him. Honestly. I love him. So much.

Gregory Alan Smith. [Small Soldiers, Harriet the Spy.]

Jared Padalecki. [Gilmore Girls.]

JC Chasez. [MMC.]

Jesse Bradford. [Hackers!]

John Francis Daley. [Freaks and Geeks♥.]

Joseph Gordon-Levitt. [Angels In The Outfield, 3rd Rock From the Sun.]

Josh Jackson. [Dawson's Creek.]

Justin Timberlake. [MMC, the early 'N Sync days.]

Justin Whalin. [I have no idea if he was underaged during Lois and Clark, during Susie Q, or during Serial Mom, but I don't care.]

Keiran Culkin. [Home Alone, Home Alone 2, The Mighty, Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys.]

Leonardo DiCaprio. [Romeo and Juliet, What's Eating Gilbert Grape?, The Basketball Diaries.]

Macaulay Culkin. [Home Alone, Home Alone 2, The Good Son, Richie Rich, Getting Even With Dad, My Girl.]

Patrick Fugit. [Almost Famous.]

Daniel Radcliffe. [Harry Potter movies.]

Oh, you just don't even know. You DON'T EVEN KNOW.

Rider Strong. [Boy Meets World.]

River Phoenix. [Stand By Me.]

Rory Culkin. [Signs, Igby Goes Down.]

Rupert Grint. [Harry Potter movies.]

Ryan Gosling. [MMC, Breaker High, Frankenstein and Me.]

Ryan Merriman. [The Luck of the Irish, Dangerous Child.]

Ryan Reynolds. [Sabrina the Teenage Witch: The Movie, Thirteen.]

Shia LaBeouf. [Even Stevens, Holes.]

TeenLijah. [The Ice Storm, The Faculty.]

lkjdsflakedco;ikadsmf;lkajdsf;iekmckladgj;pekmv;klajdf. Lustywrong feelings again!

Tom Felton. [Harry Potter movies, The Borrowers.]

Vincent Kartheiser. [Alaska, Masterminds, Angel: the Series, Strike!/All I Wanna Do.]

Will Friedle. [Boy Meets World.]

Wil Wheaton. [Stand By Me.]

Zac Hanson. [Hanson.]
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