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Jensen Ackles various. [x3]

Dark Angel season one, episode seventeen: Pollo Loco.

This is Ben, designation X5-493. Ben is a super-effing-hot genetically engineered killing machine. Well, the transgenetics were supposed to be training to be soldiers, but a group escaped in 2009, or something like that, and Ben for some reason, went absolutely fucking crazy and started capturing humans. Then he would release them just for the sheer pleasure of hunting them down and killing them. Sexy? Look at the picture. Creepy? Well, he likes to take the teeth of his victims. Oh, dear. Never fear. Ben has a clone. Alec, designation X5-494, who comes around in season two, and makes my life complete. xD


This is Jake Gray. He's beautiful, duh. He's a college student who starts playing this crazy-ass game called The Pathway, which is actually like.. a direct connect to Satan. Imagine if Hitler had the internet. Or if the devil had a Nextel. It's a lot like that. But without the annoying beep-beep noise. Yeah, so Jake has these friends, and they start dying after playing the game, and I don't want to give away the ending, so let's just say lots and lots of bad things happen [including this unfortunate plot, which changes like twelve times. :wince:] Let's just skip ahead, shall we?

This is Jake post-Satan-making-him-drink-his-foster-parents'-blood. One more look:

Yeah, just so we're clear. He's gone and drank his parents' blood. Tsk tsk. Ew. There are lots of other gross things in this movie, but I don't want to spoil it. Ah, who the hell cares? He dates Shannyn Sossamon and at some point, it comes out that he's the son of the Devil [who's a chick, go figure!] and then it comes out that Shannyn Sossamon is the Devil. Recap: He's been making out with his mom. Ewwwww. But then at the end, he's like, "Or maybe I'm just crazy and made it all up to cope with the fact that I did some naughty stuff." The movie was awful, but Jensen was incredible, so I can't really say much. Especially since I watched it three times. Not one, but THREE. I'm shallow enough to look past it. Plus, Dominique Swain, yanno. She totally rapes him in a computer chair. That was enough reason for me to watch anyway.

Smallville, season four.
Episode one: Crusade.

This is Jason Teague. He's beautiful. Haha, I could stop using that to describe him, but I WON'T. Bwa ah ah. He's Lana's boyfriend, whom she met while spending a summer in Paris. He's a total Mama's boy, but we don't know that until like near the end of season four. Okay, so beginning of season four...
End of season four: Commencement.

He's been hit in the face, shot in the shoulder, and fallen off a sixty-foot high cliff, into a watery ravine. "I'm having what you would call a rough day." To say the least. Okay, so he's all evil and, tries to kill the Kents. But they're saved when a meteor hits the house and the first episode of season five has Lana reading a newspaper article about Jason dying. And I'm shouting, NO JASON WHY? because tsk! his character had so much potential. But, there's hope yet. Because I've spent most of my childhood watching soap operas, there's always the chance [in my mind, and in the writers of Days of Our Lives and Passions, anyway] that he's not really dead. Because you know, if you don't see the body and cut off the head, they're pretty much guaranteed to come back. Sometimes even IF you cut off their head they come back. Duh, Jason from Friday the 13th. Jason and Jason? Coincidence? Probably! BUT! Lex has been known to take several of the previous Smallville villains into his secret LexCorp lair and house them for who knows what? I'm still waiting on the return of Mikhail Mxyzptlk, btw! It'll happen, just you wait.

Anyhoo. I'm sure there's more creepy but sexy sex to come, but right now.. I'm just so over it. And I'm hungry, and I need a shower. I'm full of problems. So maybe when I satiate those needs, I can get back to you with more. Because, while my internet was down for about a month, I took the time to make like four separate lists of creepy, but sexy people. [Cartoons, chicks, jailbait, and boys that I really shouldn't like, but I do anyway.] I'll get back to you.
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