ashley. (_candyappleslut) wrote in creepy_butsexy,

Gavin Strick &Yellow Bastard [Nick Stahl]

Okay, so autumnalequinox already did a Nick Stahl post, buttttt. I'm a mod. I can do what I want. Including posting a quite similar post! But to make it fair, I'll make it a double.

Gavin Strick, Disturbing Behavior.
Sexy, cus hey look! Creepy because.. Well, this has kind of got no basis, but HEY. LOOK!

Yellow Bastard, Sin City.

Hottest yellow action figure ever.
I looked for pre-yellow Junior, but.. Alas my search turned up with NOTHING. :(

I have yet to see Sin City. :( But it's out on DVD. I'm gonna go buy it, and then buy it again in November when it comes out on the supermegadirectorcollectoredition.
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